Sunday, November 12, 2017

Director Tom Logan working with Model Act Studios Talent!!

What a great Weekend at Model Act Studios.  Film Director Tom Logan was working with our Talent all weekend.

Award Winning Feature Film & Television Director Tom Logan will be teaching and auditioning MODEL ACT STUDIOS actors what it's like to be directed on set. Learn how to hit your marks, timing, human qualities and knowing direction/set terminology.

Starting as a child actor on Broadway, Tom worked as an actor for years including a contract role on General Hospital. He also worked as an apprentice writer on Saturday Night Live. Tom's true talent though, is as an award-wTom Logan camera pictureinning director of TV, Film and Commercials.Go to or for more about his career.

"Logan's good humor and relentless optimism may be the most valuable lessons to be learned from HOW TO ACT AND EAT AT THE SAME TIME." 

"ACTING IN THE MILLION DOLLAR MINUTE is another catchy title from the prolific Tom Logan, author of HOW TO ACT AND EAT AT THE SAME TIME. With a brisk style and warm wit, Logan offers sound advice on the preparation of photos and resumes, the search for an agent, the realities of casting, and the world of commercials."

Tom has been working with Model Act Studios for a long time and always fines Amazing Talent in the Schaumburg Management Agency. 
1750 E Golf Rd Suite 110
Schaumburg, IL 60173