Thursday, April 7, 2016

Model Act Studios March Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes March And April Photo Shoots

Were Going For The Natural Look :)

Look Who's Matching !!!

Some Finishing Touches Before The Big Moment!!!

What A Cutie !!

Nicole Working Her Magic

Doesn't Look Like It's His First Time In Front Of The Camera

Photographer Kelly Working With These Gorgeous Locks 

This Natural Beauty Doesn't  Need Much Makeup :)

Purple And Green, Beautiful Colors That Are Sure To POP In Anastazia's New Headshot  

Behind The Scenes Of Handsome Nevin's Photoshoot

What A Cutie, Making Sure Hair Is Perfect For Anastazia's First Headshots 

Outdoor Lighting Brings Out The Best Features In Our Cuties 

Finishing Touches Before Her Big Moment !!

Finding The Best Top To Bring Out The Eyes ;)

Finishing Touches On Those Long And Beautiful Locks 

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