Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Agent Auditions

    Model Act Studios is a talent management agency focusing on the personal growth and development of our clients.
    With over fifteen years of industry experience, talent director Robert Michaels success stems from his genuine connection with all of his talent and his personal involvement with all of his clients, and employees. 

  The studio is a constant flow of events, auditions, photo shoots, guest speakers. Never A Dull Moment At MA Studios.

Behind The Scenes Auditions For Stewart Talent Management 

Behind The Scenes HRI Talent Auditions 

Behind The Scenes Model Logic Auditions 

Behind The Scenes Emmrich Agency

Behind The Scenes Luber Roklin Auditions

After Tom Logan Audition 

Auditions For Hollywood Director Tom Logan

Auditions For Creation Model And Talent!!

After HRI Talent Auditions, Good Job Ladies!

Jordan's First Audition With Model Act Studios!! 

What a Handsome Bunch, After Stewart Talent Auditions

Behind The Scenes Defining Artists Audition

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